C.A.G.E Questionnaire for Alcoholics



  • Difference between alcoholic abuse/misuse
  • Fear is that we do not ever drink for the rest of your life
  • Terry: Took a lot of tests when I was drinking, scored about 100% on the CAGE test – the realist test is I am drinking regardless of the negative consequences
  • Our minds try to find a way to prove that we are not alcoholics
  • Alcoholic: Someone who drinks even though it’s ridiculous (Family leaving, DUI, legal issues, work loss)
  • No one gives a shit if you drink or not – you do
  • You need tools – what are they?
  • Alcohol is a depressant – it makes you worse
  • Alcohol causes problems and makes you think it’s the only thing that does not cause problems


“We have to literally take it off the table and say I do not drink.” – Marcus

“If you don’t have the first drink, you don’t get drunk.” – Marcus





  • Bring a drink you want (non-alcoholic) to parties (Open minded/honest/humble)
  • Take 15 minutes
  • Alcohol is NOT an option
  • Not attending alcohol events
  • None in the house – takes a while
  • Stay away from places the sell it – or the isle
  • Listen to talks