Do I Have to Stop Drinking Forever? Can Alcoholics EVER Drink Socially?


A lot of the problems with people that try to get sober is the thought of not being able to drink again for the rest of their entire life. And in this video we’re gonna answer the question, “Can I ever drink again?”, “Maybe just a sip?” “What about in my daughter’s wedding, what about graduation or a party? Am I locked at a drinking forever?”

We got the answers coming up right now!

About 6 months ago my dad was diagnosed with stage 3 throat cancer. The doctor said that it had nothing to do with the smoking and had to do with something else but they said it’s a good idea to quit anyway. Just like the drop of a hat after smoking for 50 years, my dad just gave up smoking like that!

Now we come from a long line of smokers in my family, my grandmother, my grandfather, everyone chewed tobacco, or smoke tobacco. It wasn’t an easy thing for him to give up but when he was faced with the thought that he might die, it wasn’t gone in an instant.
Now my question is, why do we treat alcohol any different?

From many of you watching this video, ALCOHOL COULD BE DEADLY.
It could be your last shot to get sober because as you see alcohol causes lots of deaths. But for some reason the mainstream culture and our society does not embrace alcoholism as a true functioning disorder, or disease or whatever you call it. It doesn’t matter what you call it, it matters if we look at what’s going on.
So here you have a guy that has cancer and he’s like, okay what’s going on, what do I needed to do and the doctor says if you don’t stop smoking, this cancer’s gonna grow, it’s gonna get worse, it could go on all kinds of other things.


He didn’t asked himself,

“Will I be able to quit the rest of my life?”,
“Am I gonna be able to do this?”

However with the alcoholic, it’s a little bit different.

What happens here is alcohol takes over our brain. Alcohol tells us things that we don’t normally think on our own. It literally hijacked our brain. And you can see here on my videos if you subscribe,
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One of the things that it hijacks is your

The fact that you are WORRIED ABOUT NOT BEING ABLE TO DRINK FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, not a sip, the fact that you are worried about it says that alcohol has a grip on your brain.

For example, my dad never questioned that was never his deal, regardless this thing instantly he was able to quit with the threat of what might happen. We want to look at this subjectively and I’m not saying you have to make a decision right now. We don’t need to decide the rest of our life right now, we just have to look at what’s going on.

I’d like you to take a look at your life.
I want you to take a look and picture what your life is right now drinking as much as you’re drinking, dealing with the things that you’re dealing with. Look at all the guilt, all the shame, all the opportunity, the family with their issues about your drinking, your mental well-being, the way that your health is deteriorating.
Whatever it is that’s going on with your drinking, I want you to hold that in your mind right now.

And then over here on the other side of your mind,

I want you to picture the drink that you crave and look at what this drink is doing to me.

Look at how it’s affecting my life.

Look at all the negative consequences which

by the way the definition of addiction is continuing to drink despite negative consequences.

So there’s all these negative consequences in your life but you are having a hard time because maybe down the road you might want to introduce more of what caused negative consequences.

Believe me I know what’s its’s like.
I started trying to get sober in 2012. It is when I had a big wakeup call. I was in a convention in Vegas. I was in this convention and I got really drunk and I had pretty nasty fall and I was like wow, something’s going on, why can’t I control my drinking?

So I’ve decided to look at this. It was approximately October in 2012 when I decided to get sober. Now for me, it was like, “Okay can I moderate or do I have to abstain completely?”

For me, the idea of abstaining was just out of the question. I was like how am I gonna decide the rest of my life right now? And this was a big hang-up for me because I thought I was able to do it. However, I was not able to see that the alcohol was hijacking my brain. Why was I hijacking because everytime I took a drink, it gave a pleasant experience of being able to escape the shitty life that I created. The shitty life, the thoughts, the bad things that I wanna get away from, alcohol allowed me to get away from.

This is what chemical dependency is all about.
You believe that you are dependent on this chemical for your very life that’s why if you’re gonna detox, go to a doctor or the hospital. But here I was in 2012, saying, Do I need to quit the rest of my life and these guys telling me to just put my drink down, just don’t drink the rest of your life.
So I went through this for 6 months and in 2014 is when I finally did get sober.
Up until this time, about a year and a half, I was going back and forth between can I make a decision to not drink the rest of my life, Can I stay sober, Can I moderate, or can I figure out a different way.
Here’s what I’d like to say to you.
Your brain is being clouded right now by alcohol.
It is being tainted.
Your thoughts are tweaked so it cannot make a rational decision.
You know what’s going to happen.
You know where it’s going to lead you.
All in the while you are doing this because you don’t want to make a definite decision to give up alcohol for the rest of your life because what if later etc.

So let’s talk about this.


your very emotional stability,

your mental stability,

your health and

everything that alcohol is diminishing over one drink.

This is stopping you from getting clean and sober.

What you need to DO RIGHT NOW IS YOU NEED TO FOCUS ON GETTING YOUR MIND CLEAN. You need to be able to make a decision with a healthy mind because right now your mind is tainted. We have these stigmas in our brain that’s stopping us from getting sober.
This is the idea of saying I’m an alcoholic, I can never drink again, stopping you from getting sober.

What I’d like you to do is to go to a doctor first and find out how much havoc this has wreaked on your mind and your body.
That’s number one. Go to the doctor. See if you need a detox.
After your detox and some medication, give yourself 90 days.

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Take this 90 days to start to get your mind clear.
At the end of the 90 days, evaluate where you’re at. Give yourself an evaluation.

What can I do?

What’s going on?

How do I feel?

How am I thinking?

Have things changed?

90 days is enough for your brain to get back on the track. Usually takes a year and a half to 2 years but in any rate, at the end of the 90 days you’ll be able to think a little bit clearer.

After the 90 days, evaluate. Give yourself another 90 days and ask yourself this. If I am not an alcoholic, If I am not dependent on alchol, I should be able to go a year without drinking.

The fact that you are worried about giving up alcohol for any length of time means that you have an alcoholic brain. You are dependent. You can not give it up on your own. You need some help.

We’ll look at this and say, well what do we gonna do?
Start with baby steps.
That’s why a lot of literature says, take it a day at a time.
Take it slowly.
Don’t commit anything.
Just say this is what I’m going to do.
Make a goal to get yourself healthy, to get your brain working again, before you make any major decisions because right now, I guarantee if you’ve been drinking for any amount of time, alcohol warps your brain.
If alcohol has the ability to make you act weird and not even remember your life and do things that you would never do before then what is it doing in a daily basis, introduced to your system, introduced to your mind.

For me I remember one of the things that alcohol did for me. I could have a normal day, perfectly fine. Then instantly once that cocktail hit my brain, it gave it a little tweak, and I would go into a depressive mode.
Aren’t you tired of living in the fog of your former self or what you could be?
Are you tired of feeling the guilt, the shame, the overwhelm, Don’t you think it silly to be asking yourself well I don’t want to get sober because what if in 10 years, I wanna drink?
I hoped this video helped you understand what’s going on!
Get a clear mind before making major decisions ans then later down the road if you decide something, make sure you still have a clear mind, and make sure you remember because alcohol has a built-in forgeter that makes you forget all the bad things that happen and only makes you think of the good.
It’s time to do something about it!


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we have some tools for you to help you get and stay sober.
Don’t hinge the rest of your life on one thought of being able to drink again.
Get yourself clear.
Get the alcohol out of your brain
Think clearly.
Then make a decision that’s going to work for you.

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Thanks again for watching and here’s to the new sober you!