Emotional Alcoholic

Topic: Emotions in Sobriety – Recovery – Emotional Alcoholic


  • We can sometimes mirror our parents/caregivers – if you grow up with people that don’t show emotion, that’s all you know
  • In early sobriety, and in most of sobriety emotions play a big part in your life and learning how to deal with them is key
  • You are put into a different state under the influence of alcohol and don’t react or handle emotions the same way when you’re sober
  • Dealing with emotions sober is so much easier sober
  • We try to fight being human and we look at the world as “This happened to me” – in reality it’s just life happening, and we are part of it
  • People are going to do what they do regardless of if you are there or not
  • Emotions won’t kill us – but alcohol will
  • Society is so bent on things that were taken from us (people, things) – perspective changes everything, you can look at it as you were a part of it
  • It’s important to look at every situation and determine your part in it
  • In early sobriety, try to relax and not fix everything – just stay sober which is a journey, not a destination
  • “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for everything.”
  • Relationships/Marriage: True love is letting someone be free – you don’t want to hinder someone you love even if it’s without you
  • If you need something to be grateful for, be grateful for every day you wake up without a hangover (Not sick, no regret, not forgetting what you did)
  • There is a pathway in your brain called The Fuck Its – when you want to numb whatever you’re feeling and think drinking will “help” – you’re still going to wake up with that feeling because you didn’t deal with it
  • What are you going to do every day for your sobriety? It has to be your priority
  • We have an idea on what it looks like for someone to be happy, but happiness is different for everyone – STUFF doesn’t make you happy
  • What you learn gives you options, but what you DO keeps you sober
  • Live life slower – society makes us feel like we are rushed – enjoy what you have in each and every moment – sobriety allows us to do that (Be. Here. Now.)
  • Getting emotional serenity is a process and lays a strong foundation for continued sobriety
  • If counting days puts any pressure on you, tracking how much you are saving could work for you
  • You can always stop the world (metaphorically/your world) for 15 minutes – dealing with difficult situations/emotions (take a walk, plan what to cook for the night, read, listen to TalkSober.. etc)
  • In early sobriety it typically is difficult to sleep – instead of focusing on the fact that you can’t sleep, laying there is still resting
  • We all have personal defects – it’s OK to recognize that, determine if it needs to be corrected or not – don’t tunnel vision focus on it
  • If weekends are an issue, stop going to where the alcohol is – make different plans and if you have to, with different people
  • Happiness is in you, not in things