Is Your Social Anxiety a Symptom of Something Bigger?

Is Your Social Anxiety a Symptom of Something Bigger? — Talk Sober at

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Today, we’re talking about severe social anxiety. I want to ask you a very important question: Is social anxiety a symptom of something bigger?

Your social anxiety might be a symptom of spiritual awakening. What does that mean? We’re not talking about going to church. You see, throughout your life, you’ve been indoctrinated. Ever since you were a kid, people told you who you were, how you felt, what you are supposed to do, and how you’re supposed to react. Everything in your life has been pre-planned by society, as if you’ve been living in a cocoon. You’ve been locked into a certain role in life.

This role can make you uncomfortable and anxious. That’s why it happens in social situations – because you don’t get comfortable in your own skin. You don’t feel comfortable in the cocoon that society has prepared for you. The anxiety builds and you ask who you really are. You feel like you’re pretending at life. You’re not really what this cocoon has made you to be.

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Now, what if the anxiety is your way of breaking out of this cocoon, and turning into the butterfly that life made you out to be? What if your anxiety is finally coming to grips with who you really want to be? Who you really are? It could be an awakening to the spiritual side of life. By that, I mean living authentically. What if your authentic self is not the same self that society put on you? What if there’s something more that’s about to emerge?

Now is your time to get on track. Your authentic self is about to emerge.


A lot of people look at this anxiety as a very bad thing. They try to suppress it and make it go away, but this pushes the spiritual awakening even farther away. All the major fears, all the major worries, all the anxieties that we have are conditioning. Ninety-nine percent of this stuff either won’t happen, or it’s not real at all.

If you feel like you’re locked into a role, and things are starting to get shaky, and anxiety is starting to build up. it’s because something bigger is about to happen in your life. Something good is about to happen.

Maybe you’re starting to realize that drinking isn’t working for you, and whatever you’ve been doing to try to deal with anxiety isn’t working for you. You’re uncomfortable, and you’re not happy with where you are in this social role. You ask yourself, “Is everything in life part of social conditioning? Money? Business? Jobs? What people think of me? What I think of myself? What I think people are thinking? How I feel? What I think people think life is supposed to be like?”

All of this just leaves to total neurosis, anxiety, and flipping out. Instead of trying to suppress it, ask different questions like, “Who am I? Who do I really want to be?”

Sometimes you just can’t define yourself. Sometimes you just need to be. Sometimes you just need to be okay, and I believe you can be okay.Butterfly-clip-art

What I want you to take away from this is that anxiety is not always a bad thing. It could be a pre-cursor to something else. While you’re sitting there freaking out, why don’t you start to think about your authentic self? Think about who you want to show the world, who you want to be, and what it would be like if you were comfortable in your own skin (or your own “cocoon”). If you’re not comfortable in the cocoon that society has made you, get a different one. Put on a different mask.

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