Letter #1: How To Get And Stay Sober

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Letter One Summary

Alcoholism can happen to anyone, no matter their intelligence, their social stature, their economic status, their education (even their alcohol abuse education), their past, their potential, their family or family history etc.

Alcoholics can manipulate almost any situation to get what they want.

Alcoholics often live a double life. The outward life of everything being together and successful and the inner life where things are slowly caving in and things are not good

Often an alcoholic will justify their drinking by taking care of simpler things very well, like taking care of the house

Often alcoholics will seek professional therapy but just end up lying to them

Alcoholics usually know deep down something is wrong, a lot of times they know it’s alcohol but many times they think it’s everything but alcohol

Many times, an alcoholic will research for the answer like the internet, am I an alcoholic or how much can I drink and not be an alcoholic, or how much does an alcoholic drink?

What usually happens is because of the progressive nature of alcoholism, things eventually come crashing down. Sometimes it’s all at once, sometimes it takes a long time.

An alcoholic often starts to obsess about their problems but can’t figure out how to solve them. Or more accurately tries to solve them with no avail

Drinking more alcohol takes away these feelings and obsessions, so drinking seems to be the answer. Thus, the circle of alcoholism goes. Alcohol gets rid of the obsession temporarily, but alcohol fuels the obsession the rest of the time.

Sometimes people become desperate to get out of this obsessive alcohol loop but don’t know how. Suicidal thoughts sometimes happen because their just may not seem to be any other way out.

It’s important when one gets in recovery that one remembers these alcoholic times. It’s important to remember because we can easily get back there. It may not be the first drink or the second drink. It may not happen in a couple weeks or even a couple months, but if an alcoholic starts to drink again, they will get worse then before. That is a guarantee.

Alcoholism is not your fault, it’s an illness of the mind and the body. The mind obsesses and craves the alcohol, but the body is allergic to it.

Most of us can come up with some reasons why we became alcoholics, but in reality, no one really knows.

Maybe you’re trying to quit for the first time or maybe you’ve tried once before or tried even many many times. It doesn’t matter where you are in that respect. What matters now is that you are trying now to get and stay sober.

If you drink again, try again. But remember you never have to drink again.