Non 12 Step – Stop Drinking Without AA?

Topic: Stop drinking without AA – Can you get sober without the 12 steps?


  • Can you get sober without AA or worshiping a God of your understanding?
  • A lot of people get hung up on the ‘God’ thing or religious aspect
  • Both Marcus & Terry did the 90 meetings in 90 days, Terry’s suggestion is to do everything you can to benefit your sobriety
  • AA does not work for everyone, period
  • Fill your mind with the ‘good stuff’ – something that is not our thoughts
  • For Marcus specifically, he has stigma related to religion and grew up in a realm up ‘cult like activity’
  • Whatever you choose, don’t look at it dogmatically – do what works for you
  • Terry – If you do choose to follow AA, follow it 100%, letting go and being honest
  • If you are going to live your life that is supportive of not drinking, it clearly will be easier to not drink
  • Sometimes you will feel ‘off’ – but you need a plan – this COULD be AA, it COULD be church, it COULD be talks – whatever works for you
  • Spiritual awakenings are never found by people who look for them – they happen when you get outside of your current thinking
  • Surrender to the insecurity that is life
  • You get to the point where the ego starts to fade away and look at it and know we are trying everyday
  • You don’t necessarily need to use AA, but you MUST have a plan
  • Spirituality could be defined as anything that ‘is not me’
  • We fail all the time – a lot of our indoctrination comes from school. We are trained to ‘Be Someone’
  • Vanaprastha means “one who gives up worldly life”. It is also a concept in Hindu traditions, representing the third of four ashrama of human life.
  • John 14, 15, 16 – ‘Being in the present of God’ – when you are in that presence and state of mind it’s almost impossible to get drunk or AKA ‘do the bad stuff’