Suicidal Thoughts – Alcoholism – Depression

Topic: Suicidal Thoughts – Alcoholism – Depression – My Battle With Mental Illness And Suicide


  • It can be a passing thought and no emotional weight
  • You ARE NOT alone – 10th leading cause in the US is suicide
  • If you are dealing with these type of thoughts, you need to reach out (Suicide Prevention Line – 1 800 273 8255)
  • Alcohol mimics mental illness
  • People care about you regardless of who you are – if something like this happens it will affect them deeply
  • We look at things in term of society – example is that we have social media and that can have a long-term effect on people
  • The problem isn’t so much the solutions that we have, it’s the life philosophy we have
  • We tend to look at this and omit the middle part
    • Everything would be good if I had X, Y, Z
    • We skip what happens in between
    • In between is life – life philosophy – where life happens is there the true joy is
  • There’s always a new chapter and you get to decide what to do
  • Fear that drives these thoughts – What if this pain never goes away?
  • Chronic dissatisfaction is created in my mind
  • If you look for something, you most likely won’t find it… It’s the pursuit of happiness
  • Emotions are called emotions (look at motion) Motions trigger it
  • Meaning – what do you believe about life?
  • Alcohol creates artificial mental illness
    • When drinking, those are not your thoughts, those are alcohols thoughts
    • You can become very obsessive
    • Always remember… you are not alone
    • We are chemical beings – chemicals change minute to minute and they affect your emotions
    • There are certain things in life that put you in a thought loop
  • Situational thoughts
  • Sometimes the biggest win is making it through the day
  • Where is the hope?
    • We are sometimes looking for hope in the wrong places, it comes from you internally


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