Alcohol and Your Brain + Tips to Stay Sober

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That is something that very few people realize, the fact that alcohol leaves your system usually in about three days to two weeks.  This is a dangerous part known as detox and I highly recommend that you go to a doctor at least to get checked up and tell them what you’re doing.

After those first two weeks the alcohol leaves your system and the cravings are all mental from that point on. So if you can get past that first two weeks, whether it’s go into a doctor and detoxing or rehab or a detox center or something like that, right especially if you’ve been drinking a lot, you can actually get past that part where the physical symptoms, the physical withdrawal, the physical craving actually disappears and then from that time on it’s all mental. We can come back the mental one by realizing that it exists. Realize that it’s just like OCD where you have to turn the key three times or you don’t feel right about it.

We can actually start to combat this by knowing that it’s all in our mind.

If you focus on that and say, it’s just a mental thing I don’t actually need it then we could start to get better and we could start to heal.

Once we realize this, we don’t have to give in to it anymore. 

We could realize that that’s just my mind telling me I need something that I don’t really need. That’s just my brain doing what it does because that was something that worked in the past but it no longer works for you anymore.

You could start to get sober one day at a time just by realizing that my mind is trying to make me drink and I don’t have to do that anymore because I know the ultimate despair that drinking brings. I know what it feels like to wake up and have the guilt and the anxiety and the pain and I don’t want that anymore So I’m not going to listen to my mind anymore when it tells me that I need another drink because it’s always that little insanity that gets you. It’s that insanity that’s saying, I should be able to have one, I can have one, I want one!

All those are things that are in your mind. In a world where we look at things and say, “you know what, we don’t need to listen to that anymore because we live in a world of possibility. We live in a world where your dream can come true and your life can be completely different.”

 This was something that was hard for me to come to grips with at first because,

  “I thought I mastered my mind.

I thought I was the captain of my mind,

but I realized that my mind had been tainted by

the very thing I was using to cope with everyday life.”

Once you realize that, you realize that alcohol has warped your mind you can start to get better and you don’t have to listen to those thoughts anymore!

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