Why Does Alcoholics Anonymous Work: Spirituality and Religion In Alcohol Recovery

Hey guys, Marcus here from TalkSober.com.

For today’s lesson, we’ll be discussing something that’s a bit more different from the rest of the other topics that I usually do. We’re going to discuss alcohol recovery and what you can do to start sobering up! 

Disclaimer: Marcus is NOT A DOCTOR. The information in this lesson only serves as a resource and shouldn’t be solely relied upon when it comes to treatments and diagnostics. If you are looking for professional help, please seek individuals who already have professional academic certifications and years of experience in the field.

So the two main objectives that we have for this lesson is:

  1. How to maintain sobriety – I’ll be giving advice on how to stay sober.
  2. How to reduce relapse – We’ll also be looking on how to reduce the chances of going to older patterns and habits.

Here are some facts that you need to know when it comes to alcoholism:

  1. We have to be aware that alcoholism is actually not just a problem in itself, but is also a symptom of another underlying problem. One of the doctor’s opinions in Alcoholics Anonymous says that if people were really willing to help battle their habits, then they would be able to control it mentally. It’s not just a problem of mental control.
  2. In most cases, the underlying problems and symptoms are the reasons why people would relapse and drink. If a person has a problem with self-pity and resentment, these are major factors that can lead to the person drinking.
  3. One of the reason why people go back to drinking right after the first drink is that once a person starts relapsing, their thoughts are already being clouded by the alcohol which opens up to more ideas of drinking.

So is an alcohol a disease?

In a sense, it is a disease in a way that in impairs several functions of the human body – specifically your thought processes and your ability to choose.

The question that we have to ask ourselves is: Do we have a defense against the first drink?

What can we do to fight it?

  1. We have to get sober– In order for us to think in a rational manner, we need to rid our body of alcohol which could impair our logical processes.
  2. Think about all the consequences– Regret will always come last. The best way to solve problems in your life is to first acknowledge that those problems do exist and that we have to take the initiative in solving those problems!
  3. Train your mind to think differently– Drinking is a coping mechanism, but as a coping mechanism, it doesn’t really get people anywhere since problems aren’t solved by actively avoiding problems.
  4. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals– Having an honest and direct communication with your friends and loved ones who will help you on your journey will remind you of your strength and that you can do it! We’re social people!

Just remember: We always have the power to choose. Strength comes from how we are able to control ourselves!

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