Emotional Sobriety Tip 2 – Pause Your Life and Return to Center

Hey guys! It’s Marcus here and welcome to TalkSober.com!

In today’s quick little sobriety tip video, we’re gonna talk to you about the art of delay.

That’s right! Today, you might be wondering why I’m shooting this video at night. Today it was kind of a rough day we went through. Work wasn’t that great. The family wasn’t getting along that great and everything seemed to be going wrong.

While my mind wanted to sit and do nothing and just kind of wallow in it, what I remembered is the fact that you can delay anything with about 15 minutes. If in life you have trouble and things aren’t going your way, remember you can stop! Take 15 minutes and end all the cravings and do something to start to change the way that you feel, whether it’s getting up, going for a jog, getting out of your element, reading a book, taking a nap, eating something healthy, whatever it is. Take that 15 minutes and tell yourself, “hey look in this 15 minutes what I’m going to do is I’m going to change my physiology.

And what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna change that!

Remember that no matter what, throughout your day, you can always take 15 minutes out, hit that reset button and return to Center.

Return to where you want to be the happy place in life.

What I did to help you out with this tip is I created a little timer and a little guide to help you with this.

What I want you to do is head over to talksober.com/pause and you can get my pause button that’s going to help you anytime you feel like you’re stuck or in a jam. 

It’s going to help you push the pause button on life, return to center and start to live from a place of gratitude, happiness and good feelings rather than a place of dread, regret and bad feelings.

So remember that no matter how bad life gets or no matter how much your mind wants to say, “Hey screw it, I’m done with this sobriety thing.” you can always push that 15-minute button, pause your life and take a few minutes out for yourself!

Remember taking care of yourself is the first part to becoming healthy which in turn allows you to take care of everyone else.

So if sometime feeling a little off base just take 15 minutes out and reset.

Go over to talksober.com/pause.

Get the tools for taking a break whenever you need it even if you don’t feel like it’ll help.

You got to do it anyway.

Thanks again for watching today’s daily sobriety tip!

I’m Marcus from talksober.com.

Go grab your tools at talksober.com/pause.

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