First 30 Days No Drinking

Topic: What happened when I stopped drinking for a month – 30 days no alcohol.


  • What is it like during the first 30 days of sobriety?
  • Terry:
    • Almost died during detox, was just thankful to wake up and be sober
    • There were a lot of things he had to do, but didn’t have the energy to really do much during that time
    • What he wanted out of sobriety was to get through the negative consequences & be serene
    • Experienced mood changes as during alcoholism all of his emotions were pushed down
    • Your personality may change once you’re sober
    • Had to take life and everything very slow
    • Did have trouble sleeping, took some time to get better for both Marcus and Terry
  • Marcus:
    • Thought that right out of rehab everything would be perfect/better and that was not the case
    • “Don’t wish things are different, wish they were better.”
    • First 30 days were a little mundane & anxiety was through the roof
    • Nothing is about you – you just think it is
    • “This happened to me” mentality
  • You’re just one of 8 billion people in the world – look at this in a positive way
  • In the first 30 days you have to learn to cope, have strength and find solutions to deal with difficult situations that don’t involve alcohol
  • A lot of drinking is social pressure, especially on holidays
  • Living near a place that has a lot of alcohol doesn’t mean you have to go
  • You need to create a support group/culture that supports you being sober
  • Sign up at and you can be a part of more intimate meetings that go into more detail on sobriety topics on Friday’s.