Is Sobriety Boring?

Topic: Is Sobriety Boring???

Can You Stop Drinking Alcohol Without Being Bored?


  • Feeling as though you have to live like a hermit
  • Typically, it’s best when you are staying busy – find something, anything other than drinking
  • You have to look at society’s conditioning – along the core of what it means to be human
  • The marketing goes after a base desire and it makes us feel like if we don’t have alcohol, we are not having fun – that’s bullshit
  • When you get sober it seems like you have a shit ton of time on your hands
  • You need to develop positive habits, but sometimes you have to do it slowly
  • We have trained our brains to constantly need entertainment – we’ve fallen away from just being comfortable with yourself
  • There’s going to be people that don’t like your personality – but it doesn’t really matter – what matters is how you feel about you
  • Willpower usually doesn’t work – you have to look at what alcohol does, and it makes you do things you wouldn’t naturally do – you need support, a plan and a strong foundation to stay sober
  • You have to look at your life and determine who and what you want to be
  • Is it really the alcohol that is important? Or is it the hijack?
  • You want what you can’t have – natural human response – same thing with alcohol
  • We have to be very careful of what we put in our mind – if you don’t make effort on that others will do it for you


“The money I’ve saved allows me to do tons of things I couldn’t do before.” – Marcus

“At one point, it was literally one minute at a time.” – Terry

“We have to focus on being able to just be.” – Marcus

“Is alcohol really fun, or is it you?” – Marcus

“There’s nothing booze loves more than more booze.” – Marcus

“You can’t get drunk if you don’t drink.” – Marcus

“Hey if I don’t start that fire, I don’t have to put it out.” Marcus


Things to keep busy:

Listen to talks [A new pair of glasses by Chuck C.] – Recommended




Meet Up App

Learn to cook something new



Put extra effort into work


Stay busy, but not too busy.