Alcohol Abuse & Lies – What society gets wrong about Alcoholism!

Topic: Alcohol Abuse & LIES! What Society gets wrong about ‘Alcoholism.’


  • Society’s ideas of alcoholism
  • Addiction is tied into so many things much more than a habit
  • Does the ego matter? No – alcohol kicks your ass, we are chemical beings and putting poison in your body screws you up
  • Willpower alone will not get you through addiction
  • Look up ‘Sanford Prison Experiment.’
  • Discontent – “All suffering comes from desire.” – Buddha (Living a life free of desire and expectations)
  • Everything you hold dear could be taken from you, but we find contentment in ourselves – it’s the simple things
  • “Make a life something you don’t have to run from.”
  • We are not our addiction, we are not what we have done or said

Lies about alcoholism:  

  • “Alcoholics are degenerate losers.”
  • “Alcoholism is a moral failing.”
  • “You are an alcoholic because of your past issues.”
  • “Why don’t you just quit drinking?”
  • “I can still go to bars and parties and not drink.” (Willpower)
  • “Alcoholics are hopeless.”
  • “Alcoholics drink all day, everyday.”
  • “Alcohol is not as bad as drug addiction.”