Uncomfortable In Your Own Skin – What To Do When You Hate Yourself

Topic: Uncomfortable In Your Own Skin – What To Do When You Hate Yourself


  • If you believe out of a belief system that is positive, you will be comfortable in your own skin
  • Life Philosophy – it needs to change in a positive way in order to live the life you want
  • Learn to be comfortable with yourself regardless… you have defects/you have things you don’t like about you, but so does every other 8 million people in the world
  • Sometimes you feel like you don’t fit in and that’s OK
  • You are no better or worse than anyone
  • Alcohol gives you an ego, if you are hating yourself that’s actually a form of self-love… you’re just not liking where you’re at
  • We all compare ourselves to others, but for what? Everyone is showing their good side (Social media comes into play here)
  • Focusing on gratitude and giving – you will get so much in return
  • The real stuff is who you are and who you impact
  • Enjoy the journey – if you have to do something you don’t want to do, look at it as a process
  • Always go to the doctor, even if you’re scared, the fear of not taking action is bigger than the fear of going
  • “Getting sober for something” – you need to want to get sober for you, not get sober for ‘something’
  • Basis for sobriety – trying to stay as honest as possible and make amends when or if you are dishonest
  • Resentment will affect your thoughts and change your mind
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